Meet our clients: Asli Gulec

Meet our client: Asli Gulec

Age: 19
Located in: Turkey
Has been horse riding since: 10 years old
Horses stabled in Baarlo: Electric & Flower II
Special achievements: competing in the European Championships Children (3x) and EC for Juniors in 2016

Asli Gulec has been a client at Carpe Diem Equestrian Team since the beginning. Her two horses are stabled in Baarlo and the junior rider divides her time between her studies in Istanbul and her horses in the Netherlands and Turkey.

How did your relation with Carpe Diem start?
“I have known my coach, Avni Atabek, for a long time. He has been my trainer ever since I started riding ponies. When he founded the Carpe Diem stable together with Efe Siyahi in Netherlands I joined without hesitation. The good thing is also that Avni knows my coach back in Turkey and they synchronize my training so it is easy for me to take lessons in both countries”.

What are your experiences with Carpe Diem?
“I think it really nice that every one of the team is so involved. Both my coach and other team members ask me questions via email or app how my show went if they were not there. They keep in touch and we analyze the videos of the jumping”.

What have you learned at Carpe Diem?
“Every day is different and every day there are new experiences to learn from. I can compete somewhere different every week if I want to and I am learning new things daily. Not only as a rider, but also as a horse owner”.

What makes Carpe Diem so special?
“I consider Carpe Diem as my second family. My home away from home. I enjoy every visit, even though I usually travel alone to the Netherlands. We also think the same and I about many things and share the same philosophy: riding is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle”.

What can we expect in the future from you?
I hope I will always be able to continue riding. It does not matter where, whether it’s at home or in big competitions. Because I cannot imagine life without horses.”